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Lavea Media

A video production company in Turku with skill, story, emotion and technology

Lavea Media offers a full range of high-quality video production and creative services using the latest film industry technology. Impressive storytelling and visual communication in all forms of moving image is the core of our expertise and our passion.

From heavy industry videos, storyboard creation, screenwriting/scripts, drone filming, and presenter and voiceover sourcing; through to animation and the production of promotional showreels and social videos. Whatever the project, our creative team always delivers outstanding results.


Video production in Turku, Helsinki and others

We are a long-standing company (Est. 2013) that manages extensive and complex productions. We can do the production end to end or only a small part. We know Finnish legislation and operating methods in the audiovisual field. We want to be a new-era video production company and creative agency.

Every production requires high-quality local know-how and producer know-how. Our producers are educated professionals and well-known creators in Finland.

Video production services and production services may include, for example, location scouting or Casting service in Finland. We have done casting work and location scouts for films and TV series in Finland. We know the legislation and possibilities of the region. We understand the high-quality goals of international production.

You are served by the producer Ville Lahtinen. Contact

Simple Steps to Success

Our Process

To serve our client’s needs as impactfully as possible, we have created a strategic approach to video production. Our process combines the context of communication, brand presence, and channel insight as integral parts of video planning. We do this in seamless cooperation with Lavea’s entire combined expertise, and naturally together with our clients.

Step 01

With clients

Step 02

The Requirment

Step 03

Set Goals
for Your Videos

Step 04

& Iterations

Step 04


Partners and Clients

We Use

Best tools for quality video productions and photos

We always want to do quality work. It also requires the best tools that we use in video productions and photo productions. We are an ambitious production company, and we use the best tools.

When we are in video shooting we always use the best tools, which include: Arri Cameras, RED Cameras, Sony Cameras and Canon cameras. Lenses for example Cookie, Leica and Sigma.

In post-production, tools include: Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.


Video productions

Here we present a few examples of our work. As a media production company, we always want to make high quality.


Video productions and other works

Here we present a few examples of our work. As a media production company, we always want to make high quality. You can get more references by contacting our partners and clients.


Tell us about your video needs, we'll tell you how we can help.